Important Information


A select number of tickets are available to buy online prior to your time on the ice. Should online tickets be sold out, there will also be a number of tickets available to buy from the ticket office at the ice rink on the day of your visit.

Tickets for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are advised to pre book to ensure time on the ice.

Pre-booked tickets still need to be registered at the Ticket Office on arrival and skate hire tokens will be issued.

Small Child Tickets: At least one adult ticket MUST be purchased alongside a small child ticket. If one has not been pre booked you will be asked to purchase a ticket prior to entry into the rink *Children aged 4 and under must be able to stand on their own accord and be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst on the ice rink.

Please check this website before you visit for details of any closures or changes.

Please note: Alpine Ice Rinks are not in a position to determine if your child or yourself will enjoy the skating experience. Toddlers and small children can get overwhelmed by getting onto the ice – once they have skates on.

Please take this into consideration when purchasing tickets. It is not the responsibility of Alpine Ice Rinks to ensure that you like skating or not, only to provide an organised and as safe as possible environment to do so.

*Please Notice: We operate a ‘No Refunds Policy’

Please note: Any use of mobile phones on the ice is at your own risk. Any danger or damage to others as a result of this is YOUR personal responsibility.

Please note: Each pair of skates has a unique number underneath. The box has the same number. Please make sure that you put your shoes into the box with the same number as your skates. this is YOUR personal responsibility

Please note: Participant to Participant Exclusion: “Alpine Ice Rink” and its insurance Underwriters shall have no liability to provide any indemnity or benefit for any legal liability relating to Public and Employers Liability, directly or indirectly resulting from or in consequence of any Injury caused by the negligent act and/or omission of any participant towards another participant”. This is YOUR personal responsibility.

If the above notices are not acceptable to you please email with details of your visit and a reason for your displeasure.


Satisfactory safety equipment is recommended to be worn by all participants regardless of skill level; including gloves, helmets, wrist guards, ‘bum’ pads and knee pads

We want you to have a safe and happy experience, but it is an ice rink made out of frozen water, all skaters participate at their own risk.

All individuals are responsible for their own actions (where supervised by parents and guardians they are responsible) – any direct or indirect causing of accidents or risk to other participants can have legal and financial consequences for the responsible individual.

Management reserve the right to refuse, restrict and/or limit entry in the interest of safety and to ensure a positive skating experience for all participants!

All items and personal belongings that are in the ice rink area (including shoes) are left there at your own risk.

If anyone behaves generally in a manner that is endangering themselves or impacting negatively the experience of other people, the Duty Manager will ask them to leave.

Food, drinks, cigarettes and/or alcohol are not allowed on the ice. Persons under the influence of alcohol must not skate – and if we notice will not be allowed on the ice.

If you, or someone with you, has an accident please tell an ice marshal immediately.


Tickets are valid only on the time specified.

Family ticket: 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children. A minimum of 1 adult (parents and guardians) is required.

Pre-booked tickets still need to be registered at the Ticket Office on arrival and a skate hire tokens will be issued

To keep things moving (and safe) on the rink, please skate anti-clockwise.

Please don’t throw ice/snow balls (will get you sent off).

Only skaters are allowed on the ice (except ice rink officials).

Please don’t join hands with friends/family – it can result in accidents for you and others!

Our ice marshals are friendly and are there to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible. Feel free to ask them for advice and should they ask you to do something please listen and act accordingly.

If you have email tickets or you are the group organiser, please bring a printout of your confirmation letter with you on the day.

If you have booked in advance (groups and parties), please arrive in good time. Sorry, but if you’re late we may not be able to get you on the ice.

As space in the dedicated viewing area is limited, it’s for parents and guardians supervising their children only – sorry.

If the ice rink closes due to bad weather, we will do our very best to reschedule your visit to a date of your choice. But no refunds will be given – Sorry.

Skates are provided; you are welcome to use your own skates but we can’t offer a discount if you do – sorry!

If you leave the rink and hand in your skates, you have to buy another ticket to skate again


Whilst skating at Sunderland Ice Rink we may take photos which will be used on our social media pages to promote the event. Should we post an image online which you wish to have removed you will need to email us at and it is at our discretion IF we will remove this.

If you have any questions please check out our Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please complete the form on our contact page and we will get back you ASAP